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Top VPN Provider – Mask Your IP Special Post

Top VPN ProviderThe truth is that there is no single top VPN provider.  A lot of VPN services have different features that will suit different users. For example, a VPN service that owns their own network and has a strong privacy policy with no activity logs will be best for users looking for anonymity and privacy.  A VPN provider with many server locations and free server switching will be best someone looking to access a variety of websites spanning across many countries. Some people need unlimited bandwidth, some need a dedicated IP address.  Some require VPN router support, and some are just looking for something cheap that works decently.  Here are some of my top VPN provider picks, and why.


#1 VPN provider for price

You can’t beat free. Ivacy is missing a P, which may stand for “Price tag”, which is conveniently missing as well.  You get 50 GB of bandwidth every day and pay just 1 Euro per year. Ok, so 1 Euro per year is not free, but it’s basically there just to stop abuse. If you need more bandwidth, they have some good paid plans of well.  You can also pay per traffic, which is a cool feature (0.5 Euro / GB)

>>> Go to Ivacy


#1 VPN provider for anonymity

Anonymous VPNIf you’re looking for anonymity, the best you can do is with a VPN service that owns their own network. With full control of the network, rather than using a “virtual network” as most VPN providers do, they are responsible for every part of the process which leaves no chance for your data being abused.  IP Vanish is this kind of service.

>>> Go To IP Vanish

[The majority of networks will not log activity, but most will keep time-logs which is something you can’t avoid.  There are some services that don’t keep any logs, time or otherwise, but I honestly think that they won’t be around for long.  How do they get rid of abusive users is my question?  You can ready the full analysis of anonymity features at Torrent Freak.  ]


#1 VPN for server location

Hide My Ass is an extremely popular service – maybe because their name is hard to forget. Maybe because they have tons of free stuff on their site and have frequent discount promotions.  Maybe it’s because you get full access to a server network of over 200 VPN servers spanning across 43 countries.  Along with a money back guarantee, you can’t beat the $6 price tag.

IAPS also offers a huge range of IP addresses.  Though you’ll have to choose just one, they offer IP address from 120+ different countries.  There is no other VPN network as large as this one.

>>> Go To Hide My Ass

>>> Go To IAPS Security


#1 VPN for customer support

Customer Service12VPN has a great track record for their support team, and I think you’ll find it impossible to find any complaints.  I’ve found that a lot of other VPN services outsource their support teams which makes communication in English difficult, and perhaps because of cultural differences, I find that many are rude. 12VPN blows other services out of the water when it comes to friendly, fast, and effective support.

>>> Go to 12VPN


#1 VPN for dedicated IPs

StrongVPN offers dedicated IPs for all OpenVPN servers.  They have a huge range of server locations, and are a longstanding VPN service provider. They also offer live support.

>> Go To StrongVPN


#1  VPN for SSTP

If you’re looking specifically for SSTP VPN for Windows 7 or Vista, then PureVPN is the place to get it.  They offer a wide variety of features including dedicated IPs, live support, unlimited access to 14 countries, unlimited bandwidth packages, and even a  3 day trial package.

>>> Go to PureVPN


#1 VPN for P2P

P2P is a very gray area these days, and in countries like France, The UK, and The US, P2P and torrents have come under heavy fire from media corporations and governments.  With a name like BT Guard, you can probably guess what they specialize in.

>>> Go To BT Guard


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